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FAQ + Rules
« on: December 13, 2019, 08:18:08 pm »
What is inceldom? Inceldom means that you cannot get sex, you're incel (involuntarily celibate). A person could be incel no matter what he believes in. r/TheRedPill is full of redpilled incels, this forums is full of blackpilled incels and r/IncelTears is full of bluepilled incels. Blackpilled incels are only a fraction of the incel community.

What is the Blackpill? The blackpill is the theory that looks are the predominant determinant of how you are judged by people. Other factors such as personality (not necessarily a good personality) play a role too.

What is the Redpill? The Redpill is the theory that one must self-improve, gain muscle, make money, gain status, adopt alpha dark triad behaviour e.t.c. to attract women.

What is the Bluepill? The bluepill is the theory that women's attraction towards you is based on how good your personality is and not on how you look or how dark-triad like your personality is.

1) No roasties/women.
3) No transexuals.
4) No homosexuals.
5) (Domain rule due to the forum currently being hosted without me paying money) No pornography, nudity or gore.

Enjoy your stay.
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